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30 minutes, 75 euros

Landing Challenge

30 min Flight Simulator Gift Voucher is a great chance to experience weather conditions or difficult airports pilots face on a regular basis. Learn how pilots use the flight instruments and who is really in control during the most vital part of any flight, the landing!

60 minutes, 150 EUR

City to City

60 min Flight Simulator Gift Voucher is a great opportunity to see and experience what is really involved in a line flight from city to city, or practice some take off and landings. One of our most popular gift vouchers, this is a wonderful gift and ideal for those difficult to buy for . . .

90 minutes, 220 EUR

Best of Both

A City-City Flight at your leisure including a Cold and Dark start of the aircraft, taxi from the gate to the runway. Choose your route and enjoy the flight! Then challenge yourself with some landings into tricky airports!

120 minutes, 290 EUR

Private Charter

This is the ultimate treat for the flight enthusiast or up to 4 sharing
Test out your skill with an engine failure on take off, following procedure for single engine landing! Incorporate all the elements of flight in real time to make this a truly memorable experience.